The Secret to Putting Together Outfits You Love – Building a Spring Capsule Wardrobe and Outfit Ideas

I used to be a shopaholic, and felt like I needed to buy a new outfit every time I went outside (and even for Zoom meetings, thanks to work from home). But what if I told you I unlocked the secret to being able to shop less (hello more money + more sustainability!), feeling more stylish, and still being able to create a unique outfit for every day?

The secret is building a quality capsule wardrobe that you love!

What is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe will be the foundation (think capsule collection) for your closet. It should consist of quality wardrobe basics and staples, which should also mix and match well together. My biggest problem used to be that I would buy way too many statement pieces that I didn’t really love, which didn’t match with my other pieces (meaning I would only wear them once for a special occasion). Having a wardrobe comprised of quality basics has made it so easy for me to put together outfits that I feel stylish and confident in. My favorite thing about a capsule wardrobe is that the categories below are broad and each piece will be unique to you, but here are some of the basics I would recommend starting with and personally have in my Spring Capsule wardrobe:


Outer Layering Pieces:



These basics are easily interchangeable, which will allow you to easily create an endless variety of outfits. I have multiple of a few of the above items, which I’ve built up in my wardrobe over time, but no need to have multiple of any of these! A capsule wardrobe is something that you will (and should) build over time. Quality is key! Also, if you don’t like something – cut it! Never participate in a trend or style that isn’t true to you or you don’t feel confident in. Once you have this foundation, you can more easily incorporate the trendier items that you do like.

Here are some examples of how I would style these basics for a full month of outfits:

(I linked everything that current under each photo, and noted items that are older/linked similar)

One thought on “The Secret to Putting Together Outfits You Love – Building a Spring Capsule Wardrobe and Outfit Ideas

  1. This is really good!!! I was thinking that it would nice if you showed an example so I was thrilled when I saw all of your styles at the end. I love it!

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