I’m Samantha, a girl in my mid-twenties, originally from the small state of Delaware (if you’ve heard of it!), currently living right outside Washington D.C., working as a Paralegal by day and probably online shopping at night.

Hello and welcome to my Blog!


I LOVE affordable fashion finds that no one would guess are inexpensive, while also making sure to choose important investment pieces that will take any look to the next level! I have a soft spot for jewelry, shoes and handbags – in my opinion they create the finishing touches that will set you apart and complete any outfit. On my blog I share my favorite basics, along with my favorite statement/investment pieces. Finding the right mix is key!


Fitness is a passion of mine, but let me start by saying I am not a naturally athletic person whatsoever! I was the last person to finish every school mandated gym test, and I actually started running by myself after school because I was embarrassed by how often I had to stop to take breaks. I ended up loving how running made me feel, and I gradually increased my distance until I was able to finish my first half marathon in 2014, and my first full marathon in 2020! I realize now that working out should be something fun that makes you feel good, not something you should feel obligated to do. On my blog I share my fitness tips for making working out something you’ll actually enjoy!


I’m plant based (I started as a vegetarian in 2007!), gluten-free, and alcohol free. I struggled with health issues for most of my life that doctors couldn’t quite pinpoint, but after a lot of testing, experimentation, and research, I ended up making a major overhaul in my high gluten diet at the advice of a holistic doctor. I feel better than I could have ever imagined! The only way for me to get tested for Celiac Disease at this point would be to start eating gluten again (which is not worth it for me!), so I continue to live gluten-free and treat it as an intolerance. It certainly isn’t always easy, especially on top of being plant based by choice, but I’ve finally gotten into a routine that works for me. I plan to share my some of my favorite foods, tips for eating out/ traveling when you have restrictions, and general self care. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do!