Worth it? Silk Pillowcase Review

I had been seeing claims for a while that silk pillowcases are amazing for you hair and skin, but I just never got around to buying one. I was finally given one for Christmas, and after using it for a few months, here is my honest review.

First: the claims are that because silk does not absorb moisture the way cotton does, it is supposed to keep your skin and hair more hydrated. The material is also supposed to prevent split ends, tangles, and friction that would cause your hair to get frizzy. It is also supposed to prevent your skin from getting irritated, which can help prevent acne.

My first impression is that it was really soft and comfortable, and it did feel like it stayed cooler during the night than my old pillowcase (but to be fair, I had a very inexpensive one).

But the real test came the first time I used it after curling my hair. I kid you not, I got three compliments on my hair at my 6 am workout class (the same class I’ve been going to for 6 months) asking how my hair looked like that straight out of bed. The only change was the silk pillowcase! There is no doubt in my mind it kept my curls looking frizz free and fresher overnight.

As far as the claims about skin – I can’t say I’ve seen any kind of noticeable difference there, but I also don’t think my old pillowcase was irritating my skin. But if this is a concern, I definitely think it can’t hurt to try. Another reminder is to make sure you wash it regularly (at least once a week) to help keep your skin clear.

So my final verdict, is the silk pillowcase worth it? Absolutely! This is the one I use.

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