The foundation for my capsule wardrobe

I recently wrote a post on how I revitalized my closet without buying anything new, which basically came down to creating my own capsule wardrobe and narrowing my closet down to only pieces I love. A capsule wardrobe is comprised of generally neutral, basic pieces that should all pair together to maximize the number of outfits you can create. If you have only quality basics in your closet that you love, there’s no way you can’t love your outfits!

These are pieces that I’ve accumulated over years, and these are meant to serve as inspiration from each broader category listed. Also, I have been more mindful lately of investing in higher quality items that will last me a long time, but a capsule wardrobe can also be built on a budget. A lot of these are thrifted, which is a great way to get higher quality items at a lower price (and keep it more sustainable).

Here’s a look at what I kept in mine, which provides a great foundation of pieces to build from:

(I linked what I could, but if it’s older I’ll make a note of where it’s from/current alternatives)


Casual Tops

Black top linked here / Tan top linked here. Abercrombie is one of my favorites for these!

Tees – Graphic & Plain

Similar Tiger tee linked here / For my basics like the gray tee I like to buy from Abercrombie


Black Turtleneck linked here / Houndstooth Turtleneck linked here

Button Downs/Cardigans

White Cardigan linked here / Tan Cardigan linked here


White sweater linked here / Black sweater is old but I’m linking a similar here


Graphic crewneck linked here / Hoodie linked here

Denim/Faux Leather Jackets

Faux leather jacket linked here / Denim jacket linked here


Similar Houndstooth blazer linked here / Beige blazer linked here / Similar Faux Leather Blazer linked here

Trench Coats

Plaid Coat linked here / Similar trench linked here

Light Jackets

Similar Tan Coatigan linked here / Similar Black and White Jacket link here

Maxi Coats

White coat linked here / Black coat linked here

Heavy Winter Coat

Abercrombie’s vegan leather coats can’t be beat! I am linking their current version here.


Aerie has been my go to for basic leggings for years! / similar mauve leggings linked here


These pairs are old but my suggestion is to have one dark and one light wash. In my opinion Abercrombie is best because they have so many styles, multiple color options in each, and most importantly carry short, regular and long.


Olive trousers linked here, the other pair is thrifted but I have heard great things about the trousers from Aritzia (on the pricier side) and Asos. I also have a gray pair from Urban Outfitters that I absolutely love.

Casual Pants (non-denim)

The Spanx faux leather leggings are a staple / a pair of joggers is a good basic to have (linking similar to mine here) / These faux leather pants are so good for the price, I have them in two colors

Athletic Sneakers

Linked here


Linked here


Linked here. The ultra minis are also a favorite of mine!

Combat Boots

Linked here


White Bag / LV Mini Speedy is vintage / Plaid bag is from Anthropologie but no longer in stock

Gold Jewelry

I constantly found myself buying things I didn’t need, and it left me with that feeling where you have a closet full of clothes, but feel like you can’t quite put the perfect outfit together. By scaling back to basics and getting rid of all the statement pieces I didn’t really wear, I am so much happier with my wardrobe, and excited to continue to build it up with pieces that I love and know I will get a lot of use out of.

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  1. I forgot to send this ugh. This is really really good!!! It’s easier to process when I can take the time to see everything and read it. Very helpful! Great job 👏

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