Monthly Favorites – February 2022

Princess Polly Staten Island Jacket and Missguided Split Jeans

I actually love this jacket so much, I bought it in black too. The fit is just perfect (I am wearing a 4, it is oversized).

Good jeans can be hard to come by, and this pair is GOOD. I’m obsessed with the fit. I am 5’6 and cut them a little – I was worried about messing up the slit, but they turned out great. They’re also on sale currently for under $20!

Levi’s Oversized Denim Jacket

I’ve never been huge into denim jackets because I don’t think they’re that comfortable, but they technically consider this one a shacket and I’ve been wearing it so much. I love the shape, and it’s super comfortable (especially) for denim.

Target Jeans

These jeans are phenomenal, especially at a price point of $22. Target never disappoints with flattering jeans. These look just like the Free People Maggie jeans.

Urban Outfitters Gray Trousers

Finally, trousers that aren’t too long! I’m 5’6 and wearing size s and I love the fit of these. The back of the waistband is also stretchy, which makes them super comfy. I plan on posting different ways to style trousers because they’re a huge trend right now, so stay tuned for that.

Amazon Corset

This Corset top went viral on Instagram, so I had to see what all the hype was about. I’m not going to lie, it isn’t very comfortable and I thought about returning it, but I decided to keep it because I do really like how it looks and it’s very versatile. Sizing up would probably help make it a little more comfortable. It comes in a ton of different colors, and I’ve been considering white.

Missguided White Coat

This coat is probably my favorite coat I’ve ever purchased. I also think the price point is very reasonable. Missguided is definitely my new go-to for coats.

Abercrombie Bodysuit

A moment for this bodysuit!! The arms are mesh and it is just gorgeous. It comes in a few other colors as well.

Also – I have never found bodysuits to be comfortable, but I learned from you that the secret is to leave them unbuttoned. Game changer, I can finally wear them! I felt like I was missing out on so many cute styles.

Amazon Faux Leather Pants

I ordered these pants in brown last year, and I liked them so much I ordered them in black this month. They are a much less expensive alternative to the Abercrombie pair.

Overall, I am so happy with this month’s finds. I also have a few things I’ve ordered recently that I’m really excited about, I can’t wait to share!

One thought on “Monthly Favorites – February 2022

  1. This is really good and it makes me want to get new pants. Next visit has to be a mall trip visit!

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