Gift Guide: Personalized Gifts

Nothing is more meaningful than a gift with a lot of thought behind it! These are some of my favorite personalized gift ideas, many of which I have received or given myself 🙂

I wanted to get this out early, since custom gifts take the longest. Now is the perfect time to start ordering these (especially since they are predicting some shipping delays this year)!

  1. Custom cutting board: These is such a cute gift for couples (including in-laws)! It comes in multiple styles (see below), and you can personalize the names and date.

2. Initial Keychain: The flowers are real, and you can choose your color!

3. Custom Ornament: There are SO many options for hair, clothing, children, and pets so you can make it look exactly like the family you’re giving it to.

4. Custom Keychains: These would make a perfect gift for anyone, because you can engrave them with anything you want! Coordinates, names, dates, places… so many options!

5. Pet Keychain: You send in a photo of your pet, and they create a keychain based on the photo! I got a necklace with my cat taffy similar to these keychains as a gift, and they did an amazing job.

This isn’t the exact photo they used but it looks just like her!

6. Homesick candles: I love this brand of candles! They have so many options from places (maybe where you met someone, or where you used to live), but they also have them for special occasions (football sunday for sports fans, book club for readers… take a look because there are a ton of options)!

7. Star Map: I got one of these as a gift last year! You enter any date and location, and they will print a map of what the stars looked like at that exact place and time. You can also add text (including the location and date). They are perfect for anniversaries of big events.

8. Mom Mug: I got one of these for my mom last year and she loved it! You can pick the hairstyles/colors, and add drinks to your hands (coffee/wine) and personalize with your names.

9. Stoney Clover Bags: I am obsessed with these and have always wanted one! They have so many beautiful bags, and patches to customize them.

10. Custom Coasters: You can customize the names, dates and shapes. These are so pretty!

11. Pet mug: These are so good for proud pet parents! I got one customized with Taffy and it is too cute. You can customize the text, and these are great to create with baby photos as well!

12. Photo socks: I have given these multiple times and they’ve always been a hit! You upload a photo and they create the socks. I’ve also ordered from Pupsocks, and they also create blankets.

These were a valentines gift but you get the idea 🙂

13. Pet pillow: How cute are these! This is another one where you send in the photo, and they print it onto a pillow that looks exactly like your pet. We have one of my mom’s cat Bianca!

14. Welcome mat: This is another cute gift for couples, that you can customize with their name.

I also thought these name necklaces were super pretty!

Hopefully these ideas are helpful! Be sure to follow for more of my holiday gift guides!

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