Nordstrom Sale Public Access – Top Picks

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The Nordstrom Sale is officially open for public access! I have a full guide here, but some of my initial picks sold out. I wanted to make a new guide, because there are some great new arrivals, and a lot of my top picks are still in stock!

Here are my top choices:

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

These are by far my most used in the fall/winter! They have such a pretty shine to them, and they are so flattering. This is also the lowest price I have seen them. I am 5’6 and regulars are a little long for me, so I would opt for petite if I got another pair.

AllSaints Slides

I got these earlier in the sale, and I was so pleasantly surprised by them! They are so comfortable. I’ve been wearing them pretty much nonstop since I got them!

Platform Converse

I have last year’s version of the platform converse, and I ended up wearing them way more than I expected! They are a really great every day, casual shoe.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

This blanket is definitely still on the pricey side, but it is so comfortable! You can read my full thoughts on the blanket here.

AllSaints Bag

I’m surprised to see this is still in stock! I took this with me to Atlanta, and it was perfect for travel. I also plan to use it as a shopping tote! It comes in green as well.

Over the Knee Boots

I don’t have the boots that are part of the sale, but over the knee boots are definitely a fall staple. They can be pricey, and it’s hard to find a good pair at a lower price than this!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

I ended up splurging and getting this cardigan yesterday! It’s still on the pricey side and I wouldn’t say it’s a necessity, but it is so cozy. It’s basically the blanket in cardigan form. It is also an amazing gift idea!

There are a ton of other great things that are part of the sale, but these are my top picks! If there are any fall staples that you need, now is a great time to grab them 🙂

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