Nsale Inspired Looks for Less

I realize a lot of people aren’t shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale early, so I wanted to put together some look for less options that you can shop now (the Nsale does not open to the public until July 28th – see my full post with all the details here)! As I’ve talked about before, the Nordstrom Sale is a great time to get better deals on quality, staple pieces, but they are still on the pricey side. I like investing in the things that I know I will get a ton of use out of, but I like to look for better values on “trendier” items I don’t think I’ll use as much. What you think you’ll get a lot of use out of is totally personal, so I just took a few of my favorite Nsale looks and put together more affordable options for everything!

Please note that these are the prices at the time of this post, but prices will definitely change. Some of the look for less items will go down in price because I see them go on sale frequently, but of course, some are subject to go up too.

Just click any photo and it will take you to the direct links!

Note on the boots – unfortunately the pair in the photo went up in price, but I did find a much less expensive pair that I added!

Note on the jacket – the look for less option is faux leather instead of real leather. I try to minimize leather purchases when I can.

Note on the leggings – I have both and actually prefer the look for less option! I think they’re more comfortable.

Note on the jeans – I bought the Nsale pair and returned them! They were much longer than they look in the photo (I was hoping they would be more cropped). Target is one of my favorite places to buy jeans. Side note – a roundup of my favorite places to buy jeans is definitely on my list!

Note on the boots – the exact pair in the photo went up in price, but I added a more affordable option!

Note on the Cardigan – I have the look for less option in two colors and wear it every day. Its super cozy!

Note on the Blanket – I have both and they are both amazing! Read my full comparison here.

Note on the Massage Gun – I got the Theragun for my birthday, and it changed my life! But the more affordable option has amazing reviews, and I’m sure it works in a very similar way!

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