Are Skinny Jeans Out?

Have you heard the rumor going around that side parts and skinny jeans are out? Today I’m here to address this crisis (because yes, it’s a crisis and I know my fellow millennials can relate).

So, the short answer: skinny jeans are not out. Whew! Keep wearing them proudly, because they can stay. (Keep your side part too. They look great).

However, I did decide to take the leap and try out some of the new pant trends! I understand that taking this jump is scary. We all feel this way. Skinny jeans and leggings are all we have been wearing for probably 15+ years (wow, I’m starting to feel old). But hear me out here – once I finally decided to give these a chance, I ended up loving them, and appreciate having more variety in my wardrobe!

Wide Leg Jeans – Use Code SAMANTHA10 for 10% off this pair!

Click to shop these jeans, and use code SAMANTHA10 at checkout!

When I opened this package, I was nervous. They looked huge compared to my usual jeans. But I tried them on and I was in love! The layered, asymmetrical waist is so flattering, and I think the width at the bottom is just perfect (not too much for those of us just starting out with the wider leg trend). If you are looking to try out wider jeans, I think these are a great pair to start with. I linked them under the photo and here, and don’t forget to use the code SAMANTHA10 for 10% off!

I was also a little worried about the fact that they are only sized S-M-L, but I went with my usual size small and they fit perfectly!

Flare Pants

Click to shop this post

I know these have been around for a little while now, but this is actually my first time trying them since ~2007. Flare pants, yoga pants, flared leggings, whatever you want to call them – I love them! This is another really flattering trend. I think this ribbing on this pair is really cute, and they are under $20!

Mom Jeans

Click to shop this post

I highly recommend investing in this pair of jeans! This is the easiest pair to make the transition with for the skinny-jean obsessed (aka me – I got these about 6 months ago and they were SO out of my comfort zone at the time). I would say these are my most worn jeans at the moment.

So, final verdict: don’t ditch your skinny jeans, but don’t be afraid to try some new trends so you can mix things up every once in a while! I was nervous to try these out, but I’m so glad that I did!

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