Worth it? barefoot dreams and how the styled collection sweet dreams blanket compares

I felt like I was being flooded by claims that the Barefoot Dreams blanket was the most amazing thing in the world. I didn’t understand how a $180 blanket could possibly be worth it!? I did Instagram polls, I read reviews, and it was all unanimous. Everyone said it was worth it. I had a hard time justifying dropping $180 for a blanket, so when I saw the Styled Collection Sweet Dreams blanket on sale (which bloggers claim is identical), I jumped at the chance.

The Sweet Dreams blanket is currently on major sale, over 50% off!

Styled Collection Sweet Dreams Blanket in Stone/Natural White. Currently on major sale!

When my Sweet Dreams blanket arrived, I was in love. It looks nearly identical to the In the Wild Barefoot Dreams Blanket, and although I didn’t have the Barefoot dreams to compare the feeling to, it was by far the most comfortable blanket I had ever had.

Barefoot Dreams in the Wild blanket for reference! They look almost identical.

So fast forward. I saw that Nordstrom Rack had a Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Rib Trim Throw on sale for about $60 (I have seen them do restocks pretty much daily, it is currently in stock at this price)! I was so happy with my blanket, but I felt like I had to know if Barefoot Dreams was better. So I ordered the throw that was on sale.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Rib Trim Throw in Pink/White

Everyone was right. It does feel very similar to the Styled Collection blanket, but I just can’t agree with the claims that it is the same. I actually had my boyfriend close his eyes to see if he could tell, and he could tell easily. I want to clarify on both blankets because this confused me when I first felt them – it isn’t necessarily about being soft. It is soft, but not in the way some other blankets are. It’s about the stretch and the overall texture to it. It feels like you’re wearing a cloud. I really haven’t felt anything like it.

I also want to point out the Sweet Dreams blanket is 50 x 70, while the throw that I ordered is 45 x 60. It is a tad bit small for me, so I definitely have the bigger Barefoot Dreams Into the Wild (54 x 72) on my wish list! These do go on sale every once in a while, so I am planning to wait for that.

Don’t get me wrong – the Styled Collection blanket is amazing, and before I got the Barefoot Dreams, it was my all time favorite blanket. The sale on it right now is amazing, and I would say it’s definitely worth it if you are looking for a really nice blanket but don’t want to splurge on the Barefoot Dreams.

But my overall verdict? Barefoot Dreams is worth it! I just don’t think I can go back!

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