Worth it? Good American Jeans

I’ve seen Good American jeans all over social media (anyone else seen Khloe Kardashian rave about them?), and with a $150+ price tag, I’ve always wondered if they were really worth the hype. I got a pair as a surprise for Christmas, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my completely honest opinion on whether or not I think they are worth it!

Good American has a ton of denim options (I’m glad I received them as a gift, or I would have been overwhelmed by all of the choices)! The pair that I have is a classic ripped skinny jean (pictured above). Let me start by saying that they are super comfortable. They are almost like a mix between a regular denim and a jegging material – they are stretchier and softer than most denim, but they aren’t quite a jegging. I think that the stretch makes them very flattering. I also got them in my true size, and they fit perfectly. I don’t have to constantly pull them up or adjust them, which I hate having to do with jeans. I feel like they give my legs a nice shape, without feeling restrictive. I also love the rips in the knee, but like I said, they have plenty of styles and colors to fit your preference if you aren’t into the distressing.

One thing I will say about the jeans is that they are a bit on the long side. I am about 5’6, and I prefer to wear them rolled because I think they are a bit too long on me unrolled, which doesn’t look quite as flattering on my body type (it gives more of a straight leg appearance). They do make cropped jeans, which I would probably go with if I ever buy another pair of Good American jeans in the future.

So, my final verdict: my Good American jeans are definitely the nicest jeans I own, but there is nothing that unique about them (in my opinion) that justifies paying close to $200. I don’t think I would personally spend over $100 for them, mainly because I know I can find jeans that are close at a much lower price point. I also just don’t wear jeans as much as I wear leggings, and I always like to invest in things I know I will get a lot of use out of. I do want to point out that they do have some options on their site under $100, which is a much more reasonable (although still an investment). If you do want to invest in a good pair of jeans and know you would wear them a lot, these really are great! I will definitely look into seeing if I can find a cropped pair under $100 the next time I am looking for a good pair of jeans.

By the way, they also have cute, unique activewear! It is also on the pricey side, but I got this cropped half zip hoodie has a gift as well and absolutely love it. It’s currently 25% off!

If you want good jeans at a lower price point, my suggestion is Abercrombie! They are under $100 full price, and go on sale very frequently. Here is how I have styled my Abercrombie Mom Jeans:

Click to Shop!
Click to Shop!

If you’ve tried out Good American, let me know what you think! I’m hoping to make these “Worth It?” reviews regular, so let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see!

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