My Favorite Purchases of 2020

Starting my blog in 2020 has led me to find some amazing things that I use almost daily, and I wish I knew about them sooner! Here are my favorite finds of 2020.

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Barefoot Dreams Blanket

These blankets were so highly praised that I finally decided to try one for myself! They are certainly an investment so I would recommend waiting to find a sale. The Into the Wild Throw Blanket (54″ x 72″) is currently 25% in select colors (including the color below), and the CozyChic Rib Trim Throw (45″ x 60″) is currently 49% off (under $50)!

Vince Camuto Derika Leather Boot

These have been my most worn boots since I purchased them! I think they are so flattering, and I love the “Tortilla Suede” color. They also come in black! These are other thing that I would recommend waiting for a sale on (I got them on a Black Friday sale). They are currently back up to full price, but I will keep an eye out for another price drop.

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Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

This brush has changed my life! My hair is very slow to dry, and not only does this speed it up tremendously, but it leaves my hair looking smooth and full of volume. I can’t recommend this enough! I am also sharing some of my favorite hair products that I use along with it.

I can’t believe I ever lived without this spray! The difference that it makes is astonishing to me. It leaves my hair so much softer and smoother.
I have tried almost every conditioner that It’s a 10 makes, and this has been my favorite. I definitely see a huge difference in my hair when I use it.
Olaplex is a treatment that is supposed to help strengthens and restores your hair, and I have had a great experience with it!
I recently purchased this heat protectant spray because I have been using a lot more heat on my hair, and so far I love it! It smells amazing.

MakeUp Eraser

Maybe I am behind the times, but I had no idea that these existed and I am mind blown by how good they are. I asked for suggestions on a new makeup remover because mine was irritating my eyes, and so many people suggested giving these a try. I was skeptical that I could remove my makeup with only water, but they seriously work perfectly! I am so happy that not only am I avoiding irritation, but I am saving a ton of money on remover. Pop these in the washer and you can reuse them over and over! I was also using cotton rounds, which I hated doing because I knew it wasn’t the most environmentally friendly option.

LuluLemon Align Leggings

I say this all the time, but these are my favorite leggings. They are so comfortable – there is just nothing like them. I have heard people say they only like them for lounging and light activity, but I ran my Marathon in them. Like anything, it is a matter of preference (I am not a big fan of too much compression. If you are, I have heard good things about the Wunder Under line). They are definitely on the pricy side, but I personally wear these so much that I find them to be worth the investment. I got the Wild Thing Camo Dark Olive Multi pattern (below) for Christmas, and I love it. Some colors are actually on sale right now, which is rare for LuluLemon!

Abercrombie Mom Jeans

Flattering mom jeans have been so hard for me to find, and the pair that I got from Abercrombie this year are exactly what I have been looking for! I actually got mom jeans from both their regular line and curve love line to try out both. I liked both styles, and the color and overall shape were almost identical. The only difference was that the curve love had a little bit of extra space at the top and in the back by the knees, which gave a slightly baggier fit. I ended up keeping the regular mom jeans because I wanted a bit of a tighter fit, but I really did like both. I went with my true size (26), which fit great. Here is a photo of how they fit on me:

Soda Stream

This was a Christmas gift that I never even knew I needed! I am completely obsessed! I typically drink 2-3 cans of La Croix or Bubly a day (I may have a sparkling water problem), but I never thought I would like the Soda Stream because you have to use their bottles and replace the tank periodically. It turns out washing out the bottle is much easier (and more environmentally friendly) than buying cans, and it is going to be so much less expensive in the long run! I also learned that the tank should last a few months. It honestly feels like magic that I can turn my regular water into sparkling water. And they make a ton of flavor drops you can add in! If you are a sparkling water fan like me, this is a must.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

I was skeptical that these would be worth the hype, but they really are amazing! These go on sale every once in a while, so I would suggest waiting on these if you can as well (they are almost $100 full price). They are just so flattering, and the shine that they have to them is beautiful. They have the prettiest faux leather appearance, without the discomfort of almost every other faux leather legging that I have tried.

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Slip Silk Face Covering

If you are looking for a good, high quality mask, this is my favorite that I’ve found. The silk is supposed to be less irritating on your skin, and help to prevent the acne caused by masks. I find it to be much more comfortable than any other mask I’ve tried. They are another investment, but I caught mine on sale and get a lot of use out of it.

I find some things to be worth investing in, and these are all purchases that I made this year that I am super happy with! Let me know if you have tried any of these, and what you think! And happy 2021, I hope everyone has an amazing year ❀

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