I am rounding up some of my favorite gift ideas that combine the two things I love the most – fitness and fashion! I never want to blindly recommend things – most of these items are either things that I have myself (and love!), or things that are on my wishlist this year. Here are my picks and my thoughts on them:

  1. Fitbit Inspire
    • I have the Fitbit Inspire, and love it! I have small wrists, and I picked it due to the fact that it isn’t too bulky. I mainly use it to track my steps and sleep (it is eerily accurate with sleep!), and it has more cool functions like alarms and smartphone notifications.
  2. Cheetah Cropped Top
    • I have this top, and I think it is great quality considering the price (and the pattern is the cutest)! I have a lot of Lululemon items in this guide, because I think it is a good investment, but Forever 21 has great active wear at a much more reasonable price point.
  3. Foam Roller
    • A foam roller is a must! It is one of the single best things you can use for muscle recovery.
  4. Slippers
    • I found these slippers in my running store, and I thought they looked so cute and comfortable (and they definitely are)! I wear them lounging around the house all the time, and they were great to wear during my recovery after my runs.
  5. Lululemon Yoga Mat
    • Lululemon has amazing quality yoga mats, and they come in such pretty colors. These are an investment, but they are much more durable than the mats I’ve seen at a lower price.
  6. S’well Water Bottle
    • I got this exact bottle as a gift a few years ago, and I love it! I still use it all the time. This is a great idea for someone you aren’t quite sure what to get, and it is something that they will probably end up using it a lot. They also make them in a ton of colors and patters, so they are a great gift for both men and women!!
  7. AirPods
    • AirPods are a must! I had a bit of trouble with them on my long runs (you can read about that in my marathon post), but for short runs or lower impact activities, they are so much less of a hassle than corded earphones.
  8. Lululemon Ear Warmer
    • An ear warmer is something you will definitely want on runs in the cold!
  9. Adidas Edge Lux Shoes
    • I have a pair of Adidas Edge Lux in gray, and they are some of my all time favorite athletic shoes. They are comfortable, and so beautiful!
  10. Lululemon Velvet Leggings
    • These are new, and definitely on my wish list this year! You can’t go wrong giving these as a gift 🙂
  11. Flipbelt
    • I truly believe that I wouldn’t have made it through marathon training without my Flipbelt. Not only does it have pockets for your ID, credit cards, snacks, keys, etc., but they make a special water bottle that fits in the back pocket. I hate carrying a bottle in my hands, but it is so important to stay hydrated on longer runs. This is the perfect solution!
  12. Lululemon Align in Wild Thing Camo
    • I have said so many times before how much I love the Align leggings, and this is the perfect pattern!
  13. Lululemon Velvet Top
    • This is another pick from the new Lululemon velvet collection, and I think it is beautiful! It would make such a cute set with the matching leggings in 10.
  14. Under Armour Recover Sleepwear
    • Under Armour’s Recover line is made with mineral-infused fabric, which, according to the website, is designed to “take the energy you give off all the time and reflect it back into your muscles, so you feel less fatigued and muscles recover faster”. Whether or not this is true, I don’t know! But I have a few things from this line, and if nothing else, they are comfortable and make for a cute and thoughtful gift for someone who likes to work out!
  15. Lululemon Belt Bag
    • This is another item on my wishlist this year! This belt bag comes in so many pretty colors, and would be perfect for days you don’t need the bigger bag that fits the water bottle.

I hope you enjoyed the first of my gift guides! I will be posting more as the holidays approach – let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see ❤

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