Let me start by saying I usually do my nails myself, and I hate it. Like, hate it. Every time I finish, I end up touching something and they are ruined right away (can anyone relate)?! I also haven’t been to a nail salon in years, because it is expensive, takes a lot of time, and I still usually end up ruining them on my way home. Plus, with COVID, it is not the time to start going!

When I found out about Clutch Nails, I was so excited to give them a try. They are a female founded company (which I love!), and the first thing that caught my attention about them was the variety of fun colors, patterns, lengths and shapes that they have. I picked “Wild Child”, which includes nails with the same neutral color that I usually wear, plus some with leopard print to add a fun pop! I love leopard print, and these were right up my alley. I actually think that if I had to design nails myself, this is exactly how they would look. But if you aren’t a leopard print fan, I promise they have a color/pattern for you! Breakfast at Tiffany’s is next on my list. They also have so many cute options for the holidays.

I also love that they have different lengths and shapes. I have always wanted to try rounded nails, but I don’t know how to do them myself. This was the perfect opportunity! The nails that I picked are the perfect length for me – they are long, but I still think they look natural, which is exactly what I wanted.

I haven’t used press on nails since high school, because I have small fingers and a lot of times they won’t fit me. I was hesitant for this reason, but Clutch includes nails in all different sizes – they are actually numbered underneath so you can match your sizing perfectly on each hand!

You can see the “3” at the top – they are numbered at the top based on size (0 is the smallest!)
Line them up after picking your sizes and you are ready to go!

Putting them on couldn’t have been easier, and it took under 5 minutes. You pick your size and line them up, put a dot of glue (included) on the back of the nail, stick them on, and you are good to go! For longer wear, you can also file your nail bed to add some texture for the glue to stick to, and add a dot of glue to your nail as well. The package includes the file, which you can also use to shorten the nails if you find them to be too long (but like I said, they were perfect for me)!

Instructions for short wear

Instructions for long wear

They retail around $10-$15 dollars, which is a great value considering they come with plenty of glue to re-apply should they fall off! Plus, they gave me a discount code for 15% off if you would like to try them for yourself – it is CR-SAMANTHAG ! Check out their website here!

This post is sponsored by Clutch Nails, but all opinions are my own ❤

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