the best shoes for fall

I have found myself grabbing the same few pairs of shoes this fall, so I wanted to round up my favorites! Here are the shoes that I have been wearing the most, and why I love them (and you can click any photo to shop!):

Faux Suede Knee High Boots

At 44.99, these come in as my favorite boot purchase of the year! They are so cute and comfortable. They are the perfect height, and are not too wide around my legs (I run into this problem a lot with boots). I have seen boots that are much more expensive that I don’t wear as much!

Daruby Bootie

So far, these have been some of my most worn boots this season! I love the shape – the front is rounded, and the back has a thick block heel. They also have a great texture that gives a snakeskin feel without the darker snakeskin color. They are certainly unique, which is why I love them! It’s always nice to find something that not everyone has.

White Platform Converse

These are so perfect for a casual look! Converse are another classic, but the platform gives them an exciting twist! These are great for errands, when I want to be more comfortable and don’t feel like dressing up in heeled boots. They are also perfect for transitional looks right now as the weather is still changing. Some days are still too hot for boots!

Animal Print Accent Bootie

This is another pair of boots that I have been wearing a ton! They are so cute and stylish with the pointed front, and the leopard print in the back is such a fun pop. These are also very comfortable, and very easy to dress up or down.

Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are a fall staple! They are perfect for casual or dressier outfits, and look good with both leggings and jeans. I love mine!

Ultra Mini Leopard Uggs

I had been considering buying ultra mini Uggs for a while, so I was super excited when I saw that these were released! Uggs are a classic, and the leopard adds a little something extra. These are the perfect cozy fall boots.

Fall is such a fun season for fashion, and I am so happy with the shoes that I found this year! I hope you enjoy my picks ❀

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