COVID-19 has caused a lot of scary changes, but it has also forced me to slow down and take some time to myself. I’ve been able to do a lot of self-reflection during this time, and it has been a huge period of growth for me. For those who haven’t followed my journey, I struggled with health issues for most of my life that doctors weren’t able to pinpoint. The worst of my symptoms were terrible stomach aches, extreme fatigue and panic attacks. It got to the point where I was too sick to make a car trip 5 minutes away! A majority of my symptoms cleared up when I went gluten free about a year and a half ago (and for that I am so, so grateful), but I have still gone through some rough patches recently. I am always looking into natural products to help keep my body at its healthiest, and I wanted to share some of my favorites that I’ve found in the recent months!

(By the way – you can click any of these products to try them for yourself!)

Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a practice that is meant to exfoliate your skin and stimulate blood flow and the movement of lymphatic fluid throughout your body. The theory is that stimulating the movement of fluid will help your lymphatic system rid your body of built up toxins more quickly. This came up frequently when I was looking into ways to try and improve my well-being naturally. I can’t say whether or not the science behind this is true, but it certainly can’t hurt to add into your routine! If nothing else, it is a good exfoliation. If you want to give it a try, you should brush your skin directly (not through fabric) when it is dry (hence the name!), towards your heart. Before showering is a perfect time!

This is the brush I got, and it comes with a cute little hook 🙂

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Okay, this is a product I can certainly recommend, because I felt it relieve sinus pressure right away! It almost felt like there were little knots (that i didn’t even know I had) that I was rolling out. It is such a nice little massage for your face! You can put it in the fridge for an even more cooling effect, but honestly it feels cool on its own. I can’t speak to the claims of reducing future wrinkles, redness and puffiness, but again – it can’t hurt! I work hard to keep my skin natural and healthy, and adding this into my routine is definitely something I feel good about.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Foam Roller/Lacrosse Ball

I know these are pretty popular these days, but they really are so good for helping with tension in your body and relieving tight muscles! The lacrosse ball was a new find for me, and will really help to get the smaller areas, particularly on your back. These are not only good for relieving delayed onset muscle soreness from workouts, but also for tightness caused by too much sitting (I think we all spend more than enough time looking at computers or cell phones)! If you have any doubt on how to roll your tight muscles, I recommend searching for a video on YouTube to make sure you are doing it safely and properly (here is a good one!). It may feel uncomfortable (in a good, stretching kind of way), but if you feel any kind of pain be sure to stop.

Stretching is also important! I took up yoga at the beginning of quarantine, and can’t recommend Yoga with Adrienne enough – her videos are free, and she frequently does 30 day programs! If you are able to get a standing desk at your office, this will help a ton with muscle tension as well. Ask your office administrator, a lot of times they will provide one for you if you ask!

The cutest pink foam roller 🙂
Marble lacrosse ball

Shampoo Brush

Another amazing purchase! Product naturally tends to build up in our hair, and I’ve always had the hardest time getting it out using my fingers/nails alone. I keep this in my shower and use it with my shampoo, and it has made a world of difference! My hair and scalp feel so much cleaner since I added this to my routine.

Shampoo Brush

Herbal Tea

I branched out recently and decided to try some new types of herbal tea! Herbal teas have so many benefits, and serve as a nice break from all the caffeine we are constantly drinking (especially now that it is PSL season)! I suggest checking out the tea aisle in your local store and seeing what you can find, but here are my current favorites:

  • Dandelion Root
    • This was certainly an acquired taste for me, as it is very bitter. Dandelion Root is said to help support your liver and healthy digestion. This is another that came up frequently when I was trying to find ways to manage my health issues naturally!
  • Ginger
    • Personally I love ginger, so I have been drinking a lot of this! Ginger is said to soothe your stomach, help reduce stress, boost your immunity, and reduce inflammation.
  • Peppermint
    • I find Mint tea so soothing! Peppermint is also said to aid in digestion and soothing tense muscles (including those that may be causing headaches)!

Quarantine has led to a lot of change and uncertainty, but I have tried to find the silver lining by using this time to really take care of myself. If you try any of these self care items, or have any favorites of your own, let me know!

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