It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year! As a collective group, we pretty much decided it was Fall the day the PSL came out, and I don’t think anyone was mad about it. It’s the perfect time to start shopping for some new Fall pieces (and new candles!) but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your summer time favorites completely! I’m going to share the best staple items to purchase for Fall, the Summer items that should stay in your closet, and how to pair them!

What to buy

A few smart purchases can make you feel like you have an entirely new wardrobe! I’m going to share my top picks. Click any photo to shop – but these are just suggestions, feel free to get creative 🙂

  • A good pair of boots
    • My suggestions:
Over the knee
Plain black Ankle Booties
Ankle Booties – Fun Color or Pattern

  • A cute cardigan, flannel or jacket (or all three 🙂 )
    • My suggestions:
Oversized Cardigan

  • Invest in some quality tights/leggings!
    • My suggestions:
Fun Pattern

Sheer – these are so cute with the rhinestones!

A good pair of leggings – love faux leather!

  • A Good Oversized Sweater
    • My Suggestions:
Oversize crop-I just bought this in two colors!
Cropped V-Neck

Full Length Oversize Sweater- Love the Color Block!

  • A Fall Hat – this really completes any look!
A Fedora is a fall staple!
Also love the Fedora in black – this is the color I typically wear!

What can stay

  • Your favorite dresses! Maxi and midi dresses are especially easy to transition, and t-shirt dresses are great too!
    • Pair them with your tights, and layer them with your new oversized sweater, jacket or flannel! Here’s what I’m wearing in my examples below (you can click to shop!):
Click to shop midi dress!
Click to shop T-Shirt dress!
  • Your favorite pair of flare pants, even if they seem summery they can be transitioned easily if you pair them correctly!
    • Swap out a tee or crop top for a sweater, and wear them with boots instead of sneakers or sandals! Here are mine in my examples below – love these, so comfortable and versatile!
Click to shop Floral Flare pants – Love these!
  • Your Favorite skirts!
    • You can really pair them with any of the items above – a sweater, jacket, boots, tights – go crazy! Here is the midi skirt I’m wearing below (but shorter skirts will work too!):
Click to shop polka dot midi skirt!

Add your hat to any of these looks to top them off!

Here are some examples of how I wear some of my summer favorites, and two ways I transition them for Fall using some of the new purchases!

Maxi Dress:

T-Shirt Dress:

Flare Pants:

Midi Skirt:

The changing of seasons is the perfect excuse to do some shopping and invest in some new clothes! It’s so much fun to come up with new outfits by pairing your new picks with things you already have in your closet. Happy (almost) Fall, and happy shopping!

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